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Whether your company is looking to advertise on TV, radio or social media, or whether you are interested in email or phone campaigns, we can help. We do it all from copywriting to producing your campaign to helping you build your ideal client mailing list.

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We especially love helping actors, voice over actors and other artists get gigs and expand their networks!

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#1 Video Marketing Agency For Voice Over Coaches & Artists

It's time to stand out in a crowded market and consistently bring in high-quality leads with video!

Belair Creative

Hear what others have to say

"Rob Sciglimpaglia is a true "pro", both as a practicing attorney and voiceover talent. Very thorough and professional in all respects. In either field of endeavor, Rob's work is outstanding! I recommend him highly!"

- Bill Nevitt

Voice Actor at Bill Nevitt Media

"It was great having Robert as a guest on The Thoughtful Entrepreneur podcast. He brought so much wisdom. You're making the world a better place with what you’ve been creating." 😇

-Josh Elledge

Founder at UpMyInfluence.com

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