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If I showed you how to use a Fast Client Finding Formula to get 5 new clients in 30 days or less without…

— Relying on referrals to come in

— Arguing over “price” with cheap clients you don't even want to work with

— Posting on social media every day and getting nowhere

— Working 80 hour work weeks

... Would you take me up on that offer?

In just the last month, I’ve helped a small handful of voice over coaches & artists bring in more clients than they ever have before.

One voice over coach got 10 new leads in one week using my system.

And another signed 1 new high ticket client in less than 7 days with the same exact system.

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It's time to stand out in a crowded market and consistently bring in high-quality leads with video!

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Hear what others have to say

"Rob Sciglimpaglia is a true "pro", both as a practicing attorney and voiceover talent. Very thorough and professional in all respects. In either field of endeavor, Rob's work is outstanding! I recommend him highly!"

- Bill Nevitt

Voice Actor at Bill Nevitt Media

"It was great having Robert as a guest on The Thoughtful Entrepreneur podcast. He brought so much wisdom. You're making the world a better place with what you’ve been creating." 😇

-Josh Elledge

Founder at UpMyInfluence.com

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